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Page Part 1 (前編) Cover
Title And_hand_tied
Artist Sendaman
Circle otakubeam
# of pages 76 (total)
Year of Release 2006
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And_hand_tied is a two-part lolikon hentai doujinshi by otakubeam. It follows the love story of Kuhabara Takuya and Miyata Chika, and its sequel is And_and_and. The two parts of the doujinshi were published in May and August of 2006.

And_hand_tied's drawing is light, featuring few shades of dark gray or black. The story, for all its plot matter, is marked with humor. Little Angels Hentai released a scanlation of the first part of And_hand_tied in September, 2007, and is currently working on the second part.



Kuhabara Takuya
  • Kuhabara Takuya is an adolescent boy living with his single father. He has had relationships in the past. On the surface he seems far-off and indifferent, even so far as to say his interest in Chika is sexual only. He and his father live in an uninterested mess, and Takuya's public range of expressions goes from detached to amused. Underneath, Takuya is affectionate and dedicated, and - as it says in the cover panel - wants to love Chika "until the end."

He shows this as the story progresses.

Miyata Chika
  • Miyata Chika is the schoolmate and secret lover of Kuhabara Takuya. She is naive, so naive that she doesn't understand the mechanics of sex. It terrifies Chika, and her natural shyness only worsens this. She thinks her body is insufficient, that her underdeveloped breasts aren't good enough for Kuhabara. She doesn't want to be naked in front of her boyfriend with the lights on.

Nevertheless, she has a deep and childish love for Kuhabara. She even finds his smell attractive. Despite fear, Chika does her best to please him, and makes heavy sacrifices to be with him.


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Book One

Takuya's father is working late on the last night before summer vacation, and Takuya convinces Chika to meet at his house so they can finally "do it". Chika arrives late. When she does, she avoids the subject, helps clean his dishes, sits on his bed looking away. Chika and Takuya sit in awkward silence.

Finally, an accident occurs and Takuya is on top of her. They start stripping down to underwear, but Chika - embarrassed - stays in her nightgown. Takuya inserts his fingers into Chika's vagina to "break her seal", puts on a condom, and enters her (Chika is surprised he doesn't go up her anus).

The tension evaporates. Chika says the pain doesn't matter, and they continue until Takuya finishes.

Takuya's father comes home as they are enjoying the afterglow. A typhoon is coming (symbolism). Chika's cell phone rings and Takuya's father walks in on them naked in their sheets.

He tells Chika's father who, outraged, forces her to transfer schools. Takuya is not willing to give up so easily. He calls Chika and she asks him to run away with her. He agrees. Hands tied, they leave town.

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LAH translated the first book into english, using many difficult techniques like bubble resizing, reconstruction and uncensoring, two pages were redrawn and colored as well.

The translated volume can be downloaded here.

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