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TENCHI MUYO aniparo biki 7.jpeg
Page Cover
Title Aniparo Biki 7
Artist Multiple
# of pages 139
Characters Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Misao Amano, Sasami Masaki Jurai, Tenchi Masaki, Aeka Masaki Jurai, Tsunami-kami-sama, Asuka Langly Soryu, Toji, Kenj
Content Futanari, Rape, BDSM
Series Bishoujo Senin Sailor Moon, Magical Project S, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Neon Genesis Evangelion
Language Japanese
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Also known as Aniparo Beautiful Maiden 7, this is a collection of stories by various artists without an overriding theme.

  • A Sailor Moon futanari story between Usagi and Rei set during their lives as princesses with Rei as the futa.
  • 3 Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki' stories with Tenchi having sex with Sasami, Aeka and Tsunami-kami-sama, plus a single panty-shot picture of Misao
  • A story by the artist Captain Kiesel with a male character dominating two other women. A third appears and is raped by the group, plus a fourth Futa woman.
  • A BDSM lesbian story between a Futa woman and two elves. Involves leather and Shibari restraints, a bondage horse and enemas.
  • An Evangelion story is which Asuka is raped by Kenji and Toji

Loli Characters are

Sample pages from Aniparo Biki 7
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Page 11
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Page 46
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Page 94
TENCHI MUYO aniparo biki 7 124.jpeg
Page 124
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