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Cover of Card Kyafutaa Sakura

Doujinshi (often shortened as doujin) are self-published manga. Most doujinshi are written by fans to expand their favorite manga and anime series. Though doujinshi may be original, most are based on existing works. Doujinshi have grown very popular in recent years, and sell in millions at markets like Comiket and Gataket.

Many doujinshi are H (Hentai) doujin - in fact it is so common that some Westerners leave the "H" off, though many doujinshi are not H doujin. H doujin show characters in sexual situations. Manga compilations like Comic Rin and Shounen Shikou are often mistakenly called doujinshi because they feature content similar to H Doujin. As these are not self-published, they do not qualify.

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