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Etna | エトナ | Etona is a popular character from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Background and Role

Etna is a demon from the netherworld who has pigtailed red hair and loves living freely. She despises any who interferes with her freedom and is very unforgiving of it.


  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Red
  • Height: 4' 10" (148cm)
  • Weight: 88 lbs. (40kg)
  • Age: 1470 years old
  • Measurements: B28, W20, H30 (B71cm, W50cm, H75cm)
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Etna loyally served under King Krichevskoy and did so until his death. She afterwards served under his son Laharl with her Prinny Squad trying to guide Laharl into becoming as great an overlord as his father, but she is also a bit ambitious herself along with the fact she is not nearly as loyal to Laharl as she was to his father. Due to her ambitions, if given the chance she would jump at having the overlord's throne. Since her memories were stolen from her a while back she keeps a daily diary to remember all she has endured. She eventually learns to live without her old memories and depending on the ending from the game, will either remain a loyal vassal to Laharl or take the throne for herself. Needless to say, like all demons, she cant be trusted.

Disgaea 2

Etna is once again found as the vassal of Laharl but this time has more of the intentions of becoming an overlord herself. Later into the game Etna causes her own problem of being taken from high level status to level 1 and as a result she joins your party to get her levels back as her goal is still to become an overlord but at such a low level she stands no chance. A side quest portion of the game reveals that the reason she left Laharl was that he found her Pudding which was supposed to be a "rare delicacy" despite her efforts to hide it. A fight develops as a result of this and so that is why she is where she is with trying to defeat Overlord Zenon. There are no confirmations of her ever becoming an overlord but who is to say she won't one day.

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Beyond Disgaea

Etna has developed quite a fan base and has spawned many cosplayers that dress like her to the last detail. She has appeared in a lot of fan art, lolikon, doujins, cameos in other games, toys, shirts, and other related merchandise. Her popularity has continued to grow to this very day.

List of doujinshi featuring Etna

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