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Feather-chan celebrating LAH's 2nd aniversary, drawn by feather

Feather, aka Feather-chan, is Little Angels Hentai's mascot. She was designed principally by LAH Member feather, guided by LAH's administrator, Sat, with effort put forth by LAH Members Kun2, Ater, 4stray, Ohki Kaze, Anonym, and kouhei, with final versions produced so far by feather, Ater and Anonym. She first made an appearance on October 2nd, 2007, to commemorate the second anniversary of the current incarnation of LAH.

Feather-chan as she appeared for Christmas, 2007, drawn by Ater

Seasonal and Special Occasion Versions

  • Special versions of Feather-chan have appeared for the following occasions:
    • Lah's Two Year Anniversary 2007, by feather
    • Halloween 2007, by feather
    • Christmas 2007, by Ater
    • New Years 2008, by feather
    • Valentines Day 2008, by feather
    • Winter 2008, by feather
    • Easter 2009, by feather
    • Back to School 2009, by feather
    • Halloween 2009, by ABC
    • Halloween 2009, by feather


On Valentines Day (Feb 14th) 2008, a set of Feather-chan emoticons, designed by feather, was installed on LAH.

Feather's 2009 Halloween Costume Contest

For Halloween 2009, users of LAH voted for a character for Feather-chan to dress as for Halloween. Pixie Misa of Pretty Sammy, nominated by Elecricus, won narrowly and the resulting mascot was displayed on LAH for almost two weeks.
Feather-chan as she appeared for Halloween, 2009, drawn by feather

Little Angels Hentai

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