Gemini no Tenbin Soushuuhen (Balance of Gemini)

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TENCHI MUYO gemini no tenbin soushuuhen.jpg
Page Cover
Title Gemini no Tenbin Soushuuhen
Artist Unknown
# of pages 110
Characters Sasami Kawai, Misao Amano
Content Loli, BDSM, Toys, Yuri, Costume, Humiliation, Watersports
Series Magical Project S
Language Japanese
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Balance of Gemini is a tankoban, or collection of previously published books brought together in one. The original 3 were published in 1997 and 1998. The story is set in the Magical Project S version of Pretty Samy and focuses strongly on a Dom/Sub relationship between Sasami and Misao. The name Balance of Gemini refers to an object on the series that monitors the balance of good an evil on Earth.

Part 1 focuses on Sasami humiliating Misao with public nudity and urination. Sasami is surprised by Misao's chest size.

Part 2 has Sasami treating her rougher, but Misao gets aroused by it. Later in class, Sasami causes her to wet herself in class, and dresses her in a diaper and bib, like a baby. Later Sasami has her chained naked to her desk at school, and pins test results through her nipples, leaving her at school overnight.

Part 3 seems to push Misao too far, and she retreats into her mind. Sasami follows, in a replay of an episode in the series. She eventually breaks Misao out of her shell, at the cost of injuring her own hands. Back in the real world, Misao becomes more confident, following Sasami around closely and aggressively stimulating her, reversing their earlier roles.

Lolicon Characters include:

Sample pages from Gemini
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Page 22
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Page 77
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Page 111
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