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Artist's version of Ruri's swimsuit.

Ruri Hoshino is a fictional character on the non-hentai series Martian Successor Nadesico, generally referred to as Nadesico. She's actually somewhat of a pop icon in Japan, much like a symbol for cuteness. Her hair color is most commonly accepted to be blue, though at different times in the show it has been shown as gray or silver.


Ruri In Nadesico

Ruri first appears in the series Martian Successor Nadesico as being bought from her caretakers to be the science officer on the ship. The ship itself is a civilian battleship run by civilians who specialize in their fields of work.

Ruri herself is portrayed as a loner, someone who doesn't easily fit in well with people. She often refers to everyone as Baka (Fool, idiot), though over time it becomes a more endearing term. Through it all the ship's crew treats her as if she were just any normal member, or even family.

She becomes especially close to Akito Tenkawa, the makeshift pilot and one of the ship's cooks, as well as the captain Yurika Misumaru.

She is often dressed up in outfits throughout the show as well. At one point she wears a one piece bathing suit to enter into a beauty contest, at another a warm cat outfit to hide in a freezer.

Ruri In Other Non-hentai Medium


Ruri appears in a videogame for the Dreamcast that serves as a canon bridge between the series and the movie. The movie "Prince Of Darkness" portrays a no longer loli Ruri who is now the captain of her own ship.

Super Robot Wars

In other non-hentai, non-canon forms of media Ruri also appears, though usually as the loli version from the original series. Most notably are the "Super Robot Wars" video games, in which several feature the Nadesico, and have Ruri interacting with the cast.


There is also a manga in English based off the edited version of the series that played on Cartoon Network. This manga isn't well-known or well-received. It was made for the English audience of the Cartoon Network show only, featuring a drawing style far different than the original anime.


Ruri's forms of merchandise include dolls (coinciding with most mainstream anime merchandise), plush toys, statues, posters, and many other types of non-hentai merchandise.

Ruri In Hentai

Ruri is most popularly portrayed in hentai in her loli form, though sometimes artists have drawn toddlerkon or Prince Of Darkness versions of her.

Ruri In Images

Ruri is a popular character among many artists, some making attempts to draw her as closely to the original as possible, whereas most do their own interpretation entirely. Generally in images, a yuri or masturbation theme is depicted, though they can range from pure nudity to guro.

Ruri In Doujinshi

Ruri has been drawn in many doujins. The usual scenes don't actually take place anywhere on the ship, but instead in alternate universes. Usually, the story consists of a fantasy rape scene, revealing later that she was masturbating.

Two particular doujins have Ruri pretending to be raped by her rhythmic gymnastics teacher, a faceless shadow man who puts her at his mercy, and an overweight otaku who dresses her up as a cheerleader and forcefully pleasures her tied up body.

Other doujins feature Ruri paired up with members of the show, most commonly Yurika Misumaru, or Megumim or even Ruri and herself. A less popular and unique pairing is Ruri x Akito.

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