Ima-Ga-Shun 2

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TENCHI MUYO ima ga shun 2.jpg
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Title Ima-Ga-Shun 2
Artist Bolze
# of pages 58
Characters Sasami Masaki Jurai, Tenchi Masaki, Washu Hakubi
Content Loli, Straight Sex, Yuri
Series Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Streetfighter
Language Japanese
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Ima-Ga-Shun 2 is a sequel to Ima-Ga-Shun 1.5 (itself a sequel). It focuses primarily on Tsunami-kami-sama and her physical feelings towards Tenchi, presumably awakened from Sasami's own experiences in the first installment. There is almost no lolicon content, other than a one-page shot showing that Sasami is still reading hentai, and what is possibly a flashback to her first yuri encounter with Washu-chan.

Lolicon Characters include:

Sample pages from Ima-Ga-Shun 2
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Page 13
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Page 24
TENCHI MUYO ima ga shun 2 (57).jpg
Page 58
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