Kokonoe Aki

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Kokonoe Aki
Kokonoe Aki.JPG
Name Kokonoe Aki
Loli? No
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Series Kodomo no Jikan
Voice Actor Amano, Yuri
Created by Kaworu Watashiya
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Kokonoe Aki is a side character in Kodomo no Jikan. She is the late mother of Kokonoe Rin and cousin of Kokonoe Reiji. While Aki was pregnant with Rin, her boyfriend left her after she refused to have an abortion. Once Rin was born, Aki had the difficult task of raising a young girl on her own, causing her to become the black sheep of her own family. Aki never harbored any resentment towards them, or even to the father of Rin, believing it better to forgive and forget rather than live a life of anger and hatred.

Kokonoe Reiji

When Rin was 5 years old, Reiji, a younger cousin of Aki's, lost both of his parents, causing him to become an orphan. Aki wholeheartedly opened her home to Reiji, which helped the situation of having to raise Rin on her own, and also brought a man into the house, creating a pseudo-father figure for Rin. Along the way, Reiji and Aki started a relationship together, bringing the family as a whole together.

The Death of Kokonoe Aki

Shortly after Reiji and Aki got together, Aki was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung Cancer during a routine physical. While investigating this further, it turned out that giving birth to Rin actually caused the cancer to become worse. This was the initial reason why Aki's boyfriend told her to abort her child.
Aki, realizing that the medicine and hospital costs for treating the cancer for only a few months would be enough for Reiji to raise Rin for many years, decided to forgo the treatment and provide for a better life for Rin, and at the same time, kept the cancer a secret from the rest of her family.
Reiji made Aki stay in the hospital for two months, just to see if they could at least get some improvement in the cancer, and when that turned out to be futile efforts, Aki requested to be released to her home, where she could spend the rest of her life with her daughter, hoping to see Rin enter grade school before dieing. Aki succumbed to her illness well before then and died, her daughter having remained at her side until the very end.
To this day, and throughout the series, Rin and Reiji keep Aki in their hearts and minds. Memories of her continue to shape their lives, for better or worse.

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