Kokonoe Reiji

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Kokonoe Reiji
Kokonoe Reiji.jpg
Name Kokonoe Reiji
Loli? No
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age 22
Series Kodomo no Jikan
Voice Actor

Sugita,Tomokazu (Adult)

Mori, Natsuki (Child)
Created by Kaworu Watashiya
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Kokonoe Reiji, more commonly known as just Reiji, is the cousin of Kokonoe Aki, Kokonoe Rin's mother. After Aki dies, Reiji gains parental control over Rin, and Rin and Reiji live together for the duration of the anime. During the anime, Reiji notices that Aoki Daisuke is more attentive to Rin than any of his other students, which causes Reiji to get hot-headed with Aoki from time to time, not realizing that Rin is the one instigating the relationship with Aoki.

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