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This is a place to bring disputes between editors over articles. Editors should attempt to reconcile disputes themselves before coming here, through discussion, compromise, voting, roshambo or any other acceptable method.

Place a description of the dispute at the top of the list, under the Disputes subheading below. Use this format: a bullet (start the line with a *), followed by a description of the dispute, then sign it using four tildes (~~~~), like so.

* Dispute. ~~~~

Be sure to inlcude the usernames of all parties involved and the title of the article in question.


  • Organization of lolikon media --Louslet 07:05, 7 October 2007 (PDT)
SAT asked in Talk:otakubeam whether we should give the two parts of And_hand_tied their own articles. We don't have a policy on how to organize doujinshi/manga/compilations yet. This could be a problem when the wiki gets bigger.
As I see it there are four categories to consider.
(1) Standalone publications (eg Ai? Tsumi wa doko?)
(2) Series that follow one story (eg And_hand_tied)
(3) Compilations (eg Life is Peachy)
(4) Series of standalone compilations (eg Comic LO)
A (1) doujin/manga should obviously have its own articles. The others are sticky.
I say (4) should be organized with a tree pattern. There should be a main article titled after the series (eg Comic LO) that has links to articles for each individual issue (eg Comic LO 1, Comic LO 2). These articles should be handled like (3) articles.
(3), compilations, should have their own articles. These articles should include a table listing the segments or "chapters" inside the issue. There should not be an article for each segment in a compilation: there's not enough data and it would create an organizational nightmare.
(2) is the matter that brought up the debate. There are benefits in both separating and combining. However, I personally think a series should have just one article. For example, look at Kodomo no Jikan. Does it make sense to have an article for each volume? The story flows together, so dividing the series article seems pointless.
Whatever we decide, we should create an article on this wiki's standards. It should be flexible, but it should exist. Or else the archives we create could start resembling mazes.
I understand what you mean. Maybe it shouldn't be unified though. I mean, on Wikipedia, some popular shows have their own episode pages, even. I'd guess an article would have a problem if you attempt to use that info template twice in the same article. Plus, also with connection to the lah projects, the two books of AHT are two different projects. I have now added a detailed plot description to it as well. I am not saying we should give every book of kodomo no jikan an own article. But if it went after you, then we should even merge and_hand_tied and and_and_and into the same article, because "the story flows together". Maybe we need to modify the template to be able to show multiple covers. I am not really ok with the cover to the second volume being down under sample pages. What do you think? --Sat 07:52, 7 October 2007 (PDT)
I haven't read And_and_and, so I can't say whether it qualifies as an exception. But I'm assuming that as a sequel it has its own plot arc, much like if Kodomo no Jikan had a sequel, Kodomo no Jikan 2. Therefore it qualifies for a separate article.
Take a look at another series, say Boys' Empire. It's one story. It could be bound up in one volume. Is there really enough data to justify seven articles for it, just to prevent some covers from ending up at the bottom? I would say And_hand_tied represents a similar case. As it is our plot synopsis of the doujin is longer than the actual dialogue. We would have to stretch things even thinner to fill up two articles. I'm not taking disk space as an issue, but I think economy is important.
I've been spending all day working on a paper, sorry. Certainly we need some set of guidelines, which would be elastic to fit special cases. For at least the moment, unless we come across a problem, and barring special cases, Louslet's system seems to work.
I also don't know about and_and_and, but I don't think and_hand_tied and and_and_and could possibly have enough content between the two of them to justify two articles. As for the covers, why not put them into one image and post it as the cover image? --feather 23:40, 7 October 2007 (PDT)
Because I feel like that's kinda evading the problem source.
But fine, we already agreed to have one article. But heh, you saw my plot writedown. It would be plenty of text for two articles, thats not the problem :P --Sat 00:11, 8 October 2007 (PDT)
Well, what is the main issue? --feather 11:30, 8 October 2007 (PDT)
Well, I was kinda hoping there would be a way to give out info about the individual volumes of a set...--Sat 13:00, 10 October 2007 (PDT)
That's what subheadings are for, aren't they?--feather 13:11, 10 October 2007 (PDT)

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