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Little Angels Hentai is a lolikon community.



1995 LAH is created by Sakura and Deus.
1995 - 2000 LAH is run on a forum hosting site called Onecenter.
2001 LAH receives its own domain,, and switches to the PHPBB forum software.
2001 - August 2005 LAH reaches 15000 members.
August 2005 LAH is hit by an attack by a self-righteous board. The admins have problems repelling it.
The laws in the admins' countries change, and they are forced to shut the site down.

2005 - present

2. October 2005 Sat recreates the site from scratch, domain changes to The old moderators, Bastille, Wolfzero, Akuma2002 and Azrael return to their staff positions.
January 2006 Because of the uproar about the changing laws, LAH has to change hosters. Konoko offers help and becomes the new hoster.
13. February 2006 - 19. March 2006 LAH is hit by a spammer attack. It is repelled.
14. August 2006 LAH is hit by a joined attack of three sites.
22. August 2006 Azrael is promoted to Admin to help better fight the spammers.
24. August 2006 Sat, Azrael and the moderators successfully repel the attack.
19. September 2006 LAH reaches 10000 registered users.
2. October 2006 LAH's first birthday.
1. April 2007 Konoko closes down his hosting, along with Renchan. LAH is forced to switch hosts, again. Azrael becomes responsible for the hosting.
12. April 2007 LAH successfully changes hosts. The board's theme changes.
13. April 2007 Anyien, a former Super-moderator on Renchan, is promoted to moderator.
28. June 2007 The hosting becomes slow and users are experiencing errors. Sat, together with Kouhei attempt to discover the source of the problem.
6. July 2007 The negotiations fail and LAH is forced to switch hosters again.
11. July 2007 LAH is moved to yet another new host.
Sakura returns to LAH, refuses moderator position.
13. July 2007 The LAH Wiki is started.
29. July 2007 Once again, we are forced to switch hosters.
5. August 2007 LAH reaches 30000 registered members.
19. September 2007 After reaching 35000 registrations, the forum has started to become heavy on the hosting server, so all users with zero posts were wiped from the database.
2. October 2007 LAH proudly announces its 2 anniversary, and introduces its long-awaited mascot, Feather-chan.
19. November 2007 Foton is promoted to moderator, for his efforts of helping out the mods and the site.
29. February 2008 Feather is also promoted to moderator, as he is already in charge of this LAH Wiki and has experience in administering.
5.07.2009 Darknerr is made a mod

Little Angels Hentai

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