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Loli Strip is an ongoing lolikon webcomic written and drawn by LAH member feather. It centers on Loli Fairchilde and her fairy friend, Faye Valentine. It launched on May 3, 2007, and has run 34 strips thus far, updated infrequently (whenever feather gets around to it). The latest strip was posted on February 20th.

On November 12th, along with the 27th strip, the Loli Strip Website opened, hosted by Little Angels Hentai.



The Fairchilde household

Loli Avvie.png
Loli Fairchilde

A normal loli who is forced to deal with the antics of the characters around her. She considers herself a philosopher, but usually finds deep meanings like "cookies." She spends much of her time fawning over celebrity boys and reading cheap romance novels and manga. She often finds herself performing the strip's fan service.

Faye headshot.png
Faye Valentine

A playful, porn-addicted fairy with level 8 super sexy star power. Faye has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, and is often seen by others (especially Loli) as being deluded and self-centered. She lives with Loli, usually sleeping in her underwear drawer. The clear fan favorite.

The lesbians next door

Lezzie and Yuri live next door to Loli and Faye. They take every opportunity to force their sexual appetites on Loli, and she lives in fear of what they will do to her next.

Lezzie headshot.png
Lezzie Diver

A lesbian who lives next door to Loli with Yuri. She tends to be airheaded and easily controlled, usually by Yuri. She likes to be tidy, though the house is a constant mess due to Yuri's presence.

Yuri headshot.png
Yuri Airashii

An artist who lives with Lezzie. She lives in a state of perpetual disorder, yet is the driving force behind the pair, with a sharp mind and a vivid imagination.

Around the Neighborhood

Shota headshot.png

The boy who lives across the street from Loli.


Thus far, there have been four series within the strip.

  • "Nothing to Wear" - Loli goes to the mall to buy new clothes even though she wears the same thing every day. Ran from #3 to #6.
  • "Fun with Lesbians" - Faye goes to play with the lesbians next door. Ran from #10 to #16.
  • "Zod is Near" - Faye plays Superman and attacks Loli in the shower. Ran from #20 to #24.
  • "Secret Admirer" - Loli lusts after Shota. Ran from #29 to #35.

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