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TENCHI MUYO misa only 5.jpg
Page Cover
Title Misa Only 5
Artist Kenro Koubo
# of pages 38
Characters Sasami Kawai, Misao Amano, Hiroto Majima, Unknown Male
Content Lolicon, Yuri, Cosplay, BDSM, Watersports, Toys, Rape, Shotacon
Series Magical Project S
Language Japanese
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Misa Only 5 is the fifth and so far final in a series of doujin focusing on the character of Misao. In this book, Misao has larger breasts than before, and fans may debate whether or not she still qualifies as a Loli. Another single story book, apparently following on from Misa Only 4. Misao is still apparently in a sexual relationship with the Unknown Male from before. Now however, it is discovered by Hiroto and Kenji, and Hiroto decides to blackmail her into becoming a sexual slave.

Lolicon Characters include:

Shotacon characters include:

Sample pages from Misa Only 5
TENCHI MUYO misa only 5 (6).jpg
Page 8
TENCHI MUYO misa only 5 (15).jpg
Page 17
TENCHI MUYO misa only 5 (32).jpg
Page 34
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