Negi Springfield

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Negi Springfield

Negi with Asuna and other characters.

Name Negi Springfield
Shota? yes
Height 4'1"
124 cm
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Age 9 (At begining of story)
Date of Birth 1994
Place of Origin Britain
Father Nagi Springfield
Series Mahou Sensei Negima (Negima!)
Related Characters Kagurazaka Asuna
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Negi Springfield is a main character from the manga and anime series Mahou Sensei Negima (Negima! in the english release). He is a wizard in training assigned to teach at an all girl high school in Japan. He is slightly clumsy and has a habit of sneezing, blowing up skirts around him.

Negi's primary relationship is with Kagurazaka Asuna, a hot-headed student in his class who often threatens to reveal to the school the fact that he's a wizard, which would cause him to fail his training.



Negi's father, Nagi Springfield was a great wizard who disappeared when Negi was a child.


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Hentai Appearances

Negi appears in the following hentai doujinshi:

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