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Pixie Misa and friend

Pixie Misa is a character in the anime series Mahou Shoujo Pretty Samy and Magical Project S.

Misa's primary role in the shows is as antagonist. Misa is responsible for creating the monsters that Pretty Samy must defeat. However, Misa's efforts are usually treated as comic relief and she is shown to be physically quite weak. This is odd considering she seems to have vast magical powers at her disposal, including energy blasts, thaumogenesis and phase-transition.

One thing that must be noted above all, however, is Misas' nature. Pixie Misa is not a unique entity, rather she has a shared existence with Misao Amano, best friend of Sasami Kawai/Pretty Samy, thus lending an extra dimension to their battles for the audience. Misao remains unaware of their dual nature for most of the show, and it is unknown how much Misa herself knows. Indeed, it is unclear if the two are separate beings or two sides of the same person.


Two minds but one soul....?

Misa appears to be in her early teens. She is distinctly taller than both Sasami and Misao. And in costume she appears to have small breasts – although shots of her in a bikini show that she is still a loli. She has orange eyes and long blond hair which ends in a mass of curls. In the shows she wears a distinctive purple outfit (with minor changes between the two.)

Misa's personality is a diametric opposite to that of Misao. Misa is loud, outgoing, brash, unafraid to show her emotions and takes a devilish glee in what she does, good or bad. She has a large ego and claims to have "100 trillion" fans across the globe. She is not evil in herself, rather she acts as unrestrained Id. She happily works with Samy when she needs to, teases Rumia (her magical companion) about his love for Misao and when Samy travels into Misaos' mind it is Misas' image that guards her. In this same sequence Samy and Misao work together to banish a 'great darkness' from Misaos' mind and Misa is seen to leave. Misao watches her and thinks to herself 'Goodbye Pixie Misa....the other side of me.' Later when she wants to help Sasami she summons Pixie Misa, who still seems to be a separate mind.

Hentai Appearances

Misa appears in the following doujins

  • Dear Misa Lonely
  • First Number
  • Jura Joka
  • Purichiyu
  • Purichi Sami 2
  • Tabeta Kigasuru 13
  • Tenchi Muyo Comic Anthology
  • Ura Kanneki Taka Hajime Rayearth
  • W-Mind

In the Love Hina doujin Dream of Hot Spring, Naru Narusegawa cosplays as Pixie Misa, although only for a single picture.

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