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Rape refers to sexual relations of any sort being committed without consent. Most frequently, rape involves a male forcing a female, but it is also possible for a female to force a male. Rape appears frequently in hentai as a way of making the piece more extreme.

Rape itself is about exerting control over a victim(s) by one or more attackers. The entire act of rape is about forcing and controlling the victim, and taking away free will, though it's not always portrayed as such. There are several categories of rape.


Types Of Rape In Hentai

Pseudo Rape

A semi-common theme in hentai and fiction is where the victim starts out unwilling, but then begins to enjoy it, and even becomes fully willing.

Rape For Sex

For whatever reason, perhaps misunderstanding of the reasons behind rape, or a general preference by the authors, rape is sometimes shown as being committed purely for the sex. Some guy or girl is incredibly horny, for whatever reason is incapable of getting some on their own. In the end they rape a sibling, friend, or some random stranger.


In various scenes it's a common occurrence for the victim to be drugged either for the abduction, or entire rape. Some chemical is usually used in the fiction, and then the rapist takes advantage of the helpless state induced by the drugs.

Bondage Rape

An extremely prevailing theme in rape hentai is for the victim to be tied up. It could start as a game where one tricks the other, or gets the other to agree to be tied up, but then turns into full rape, but many hentais include bondage in their rape scenes.

Oral/Anal Rape

Anal or oral contact committed under force or duress is considered an act of rape. It's rare to see anal or oral used exclusively in hentai, instead it's generally paired with some other form of penetration. What type it's paired with also depends on rather the victim is female or male.

Gang Rape

In gang rape type scenarios, the victim is overpowered by two or more attackers. The group then proceeds to overpower the victim through sheer numbers, however this isn't always the case. Some gang rape scenes can contain themes from any of the types of rape listed above.

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