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Stripe cats cover.jpg
Title Stripe Cats
Artist Rustle (らする)
# of pages 172
Publisher AV Comics
Year of Release 2007
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Stripe Cats (ストライプキャッツ) is a commercial compilation of ten stories by Rustle, along with comments and an atogaki. The comic was published by AV Comics in June of 2007.

Stripe Cats serves a number of fetishes, in order of appearance: buruma, omorashi, incest, masturbation, yuri incest, and rape. Every story ends in sex. Stripe Cats makes liberal use of dark ink and blush effects.

Parts of Stripe Cats are translated and available on notfourchan.


1 まぁぶるすくぅる Maaburu Sukuuru
2 C-Mateこみゅにけいしょん Classmate Communication
3 あねぃたコンプレックス Aneita Complex
4 お兄ちゃんのヒミツ Oniichan's Secret
5 おねえちゃんといっしょ With Oneechan
6 いけないシュラインメイデン Forbidden Shrine Maiden
7 ぴんくはにーさんど Pink Honey Sand
8 記憶紛失 Lost memories
9 仔猫, 威を借る Kitten, Be Brave
10 七色の下で Under the Seven Colors

Sample pages
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Page 039
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Page 066
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Page 144
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