Tankou no Houshu

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TENCHI MUYO tankou no houshu.jpg
Page Cover
Title Tankou no Houshu
Artist Team Plus-Y & Circle Darutani
# of pages 82
Characters Sasami Masaki Jurai, Tenchi Masaki, Ryoko, Aeka Masaki Jurai, Kiyone Hakubi, Washu Hakubi
Content Loli, Yuri, Watersports, Bukkake
Series Tenchi Universe
Language Japanese
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Tankou no Houshu is a joint effort anthology book by two circles. There are ten stories, mostly focusing around Tenchi having sex with the various girls. Two of the stories are yuri, between Kiyone and Mihoshi & Sasami and Washu Hakubi. In the Tenchi and Sasami story, Sasami is trying to interrupt a fight between Aeka and Ryoko when she is knocked unconcious by a flying can and wakes to find Tenchi looking after her. She quickly takes advantage of the situation to have sex with him, although he doesn't protest too much. Censorship is mostly blackout/blocked genitals.

Lolicon Characters include:

Sample pages from Tankou no Houshu
TENCHI MUYO tankou no houshu (24).jpg
Page 26
TENCHI MUYO tankou no houshu (48).jpg
Page 50
TENCHI MUYO tankou no houshu (72).jpg
Page 74
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