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This template can be difficult to edit. You may want to request changes on the talk page rather than make them yourself.
Page #
Title Example
Artist Example
Circle Example
Director Example
Voice Actors Example
# of pages #
Length #
Characters Example
Content Example, Example
Series Example
# of Episodes Example
# of Issues Example
Language Example
Censoring Example
Publisher Example
Formats Example
Systems Example
Year of Release #
Date Begun #
Date Ended #
Status Example
Related Works Example
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This is a general use infobox for including information on a doujin, manga, movie or game in an article. The following fields may be filled in, and any may be omitted.

  • align - Where the template aligns itself on the page. Right is standard, but it can also be aligned left or center.
  • imageFile - the file name of an image. The [[Image:]] code is unnecessary, and the template will resize the image to fit.
  • page - the page number
  • title - the name of the work
  • artist - the name of the artist or artists who produced the work
  • circle - the name of the circle that produced the work
  • director - the director of the work
  • actors - the voice actors
  • numPages - the number of pages
  • length - the length of the movie
  • episodes - the number of episodes
  • issues - the number of issues
  • characters - the character or characters featured in the work
  • content - genres and/or fetishes the work includes
  • series - the series to which the work belongs, or, in the case of a doujin, the series on which it is based
  • language - the language or languages in which the work is or was available
  • censor - the type of censorship, if any
  • publisher - the publisher of the work
  • formats - the formats in which the work is or was available
  • system - the system on which the game is or was available or on which it runs or ran
  • year - the year of release
  • begun - the date on which the first installment of the work was published
  • ended - the date on which the last installment of the work was published
  • status - the status of the work; for example, ongoing, over or on haitus
  • relatedWorks - other works in a series or franchise


The code to use, omitting any fields not used, is:

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