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Example Angel
ExtraFilesGray.gif Extra Files Member
Joined LAH Example
Age Example
Sex Example
Location Example
  • Example
  • Example
Occupation Example
Custom 1 Example
Custom 2 Example
Custom 3 Example


This is an infobox designed for user information and is meant to be included in UserPages only. It is designed to resemble the member's sidebar when posting in the forum. If you are not a member of the forum, omit the title, avatar, extraFilesMember and date fields.

You may include any or none of the following information, and personal information is not at all required, nor need it be in any way accurate.

  • align - how it will align to the page. If left blank, will default to right.
  • name - your username
  • title - Your LAH title
  • avatar - The file name of you avatar, which you must upload to the LAH Wiki server. The [[Image:]] tag is not necessary, and the template will resize the image to 120px wide. This template isn't designed for avatars of dimensions other than 120x120. If you have an avatar that isn't this size, you may request a custom Member Box on the talk page.
  • extraFilesMember - if you are an Extra Files member, enter anything in this field and your star will appear. If you are not a member, please leave it blank.
  • date - if a member of the LAH forum, the date you joined
  • age - your age
  • sex - your gender
  • location - where you live
  • interests - what interests you have. the template accepts bulleted lists, so you can list a number of things easily.
  • occupation - what you do
  • custom1title - a title for a custom field
  • custom1data - the data for for custom field 1
  • custom2title - a title for a custom field
  • custom2data - the data for for custom field 2
  • custom3title - a title for a custom field
  • pm - for a PM link in the quick contacts fields. enter your LAH user ID. you can find your user ID by clicking on profile under any of your posts; the number at the end of the URL is your user ID.
  • email - your email address
  • skype - your skype username
  • aim - your AIM address


The code to include in the article is

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