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Azrael's Avatar
LAH Status: Admin
Joined LAH: April 2002
Extra Files member: YES
LAH Title: Archangel of Death


General Info

Azrael is a 21 year old American. Whom is addicted to gaming, and Lolicon. Very lighthearted and laid back, he gives very few a reason not to like him. He seems to be very persuasive, convincing people to do things they were adamantly against before.


Other then being an Admin at LAH with Sat He has a blog that is on hiatus until he finds the time to start with it again. He also creates maps for a game, Starcraft.


Azrael is most regularly found on LAH's Skype public chat.
Any messages left there will be promptly responded to.

You can also PM him on LAH.

Also reachable at MSN and AIM, with the usernames "redtetsuusaiga[at]hotmail dot com" and a human xenocide; respectively.


Azrael is friends to many users, however he probably gets along best with his Co-Admin Sat, Also he seems to enjoy the company of Kouhei, and Foton. More Recently he has invited a number of members to LAH from other boards whom were looking to get away from some of the drama.

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