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Foton's Avatar
LAH Status: Member
Joined LAH: 20 May 2006
Extra Files member: YES
LAH Title: Ferret Angel, nano!

Foton, sometimes not known as, but calling himself as FotonTheFerretBoy, is a relatively new user at LAH, and even newer in LAH Wiki.



The name is created when the user was looking for a screenname to log in to LAH,and he stumbled upon a card for an arcade. It has the word "Foton World" on it. So he took it from there.

Other Aliases?

His innocent alias is Dr. Rondart, better known in the "Safe side of the net". His other nick is usually RantingPasserby.

LAH and Foton

The thing about him is that he wanted to be a leecher, but all changed when he PMed Sat about his tastes in Loli pics. His MSN address was added by Sat, and from there on, Foton dedicated himself towards LAH, despite his shortcomings.

Now, he has been, in his own words, a "Civilian Collaborator", a regular user who, while having no particular skill whatsoever, tries to be a general, law-abiding citizen of LAH. His participation in LAH includes taking part in discussions, occasional posting of materials, and one day going so far to take on the job of cleaning the entire Angels Hentai section of threads that needed to be cleaned. Sometimes, he randomly takes part on various LAH Projects.

Foton has been once offered a position as a LAH Mod, a position that he refuses on the basis of overwhelming responsibility. Recently, he has been instated as what Sat called a "temporary mod", but his position remains for now. Foton is currently working his best to live up to the task.

Foton and other LAH Users

Foton has the closest relations with:

Foton and Nanoha series

Foton is self-proclaimed devoted fanboy of the Nanoha series, a mahou shoujo series that falls into the category of either "super cool" or "shit nobody cares about". The claim above has been challenged once by Electricus, and he is still doing a self-introspection on what it truly means to be a devoted fanboy, but nevertheless is infatuated, to say the least.

Foton's addiction is self-explanatory when he, literally, shouted on top of his lungs and typed in all caps in the LAH Skype Room whenever a new Nanoha subbed episode has been released. His recent involvement involves him deciding on which side of the recent pairing war on the series he should be. Foton has earned himself some fellow fans who disagree with him in terms of pairing. Foton is currently still defending the pairing with all his might.

Foton's Homeland

When asked, he always replies with his (in)famous answer: "6 Northern to 11 Southern, 95 to 141 Eastern"

Foton's (dis)Abilities

Foton is known to know some bits of Japanese, and have spoken to some people in the past. Though his skill is nowhere near fluent, his dialect convinces people of otherwise.

He is currently enrolled in an engineering university, though his habit of staying at LAH has earned him some academic difficulties, again.

Foton's take on Lolicon

Lolicon by definition:

A portmanteau of "Lolita", taken from a book of the same name written by Vladimir Nabokov, and "Complex". The -con suffix is taken directly from the Japanese spelling of Complex (コンプレックス/konpurekkusu).

While in popular culture, it refers to:

1. A kind of visual attraction to drawn characters (most usually anime-styled), in which the character's physical stature resembles those of pre-pubescent males or females, regardless of their age, explicitly or implicitly mentioned. The characters themselves are most usually referred to Loli for females, and Shota for males.

2. The person who engages or practices the above definition. This liking may overlap, or exclusive from non-loli characters (ie, normal characters).

What is considered to be a loli character is easy to recognize, but hard to define due to the broad subjectivity of the viewers. Some examples that are held to be loli characters universally include, but not exclusively limited to:

-Kinomoto Sakura from Card Captor Sakura
-Masaki Sasami Jurai from Tenchi Muyo and her other incarnations.
-Hoshino Ruri from Martian Successor Nadesico.
-Etna and Flonne from PS2 game Disgaea and its sequel Disgaea 2


  • This userpage uses some elements present in Kouhei's userpage, such as tags and templates.
  • Foton is also a Wikipedia user.
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