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Page Cover
Title Wiz
Artist Takao Saeki
# of pages 44
Characters Sasami Masaki Jurai
Content Loli, Bukkake, Shota, Viginity
Series Magical Projec S
Language Japanese
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Wiz is a story set after the end of Magical Project S. The majority of the book focuses on the feelings Sasami and Ryo-Ohki still have for each other after they were separated. Ryo-Ohki is allowed to go back down to Earth to visit Sasami, who appears to be staying at the beach. When the two meet up they talk together, Sasami spacing out. Ryo-Ohki attacks her by tickling, which stops abruptly when he touches her breast. They both become aware oh his erection as well. After thinking about it, and their past, the two have sex. Afterwards the book ends with a series of single images. There is a sequel called Wiz You.

Lolicon Characters include:

Sample pages from Wiz
TENCHI MUYO wiz (14).jpg
Page 16
TENCHI MUYO wiz (25).jpg
Page 27
TENCHI MUYO wiz (33).jpg
Page 35
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