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an example of cross dressing

Cross-dressing is the act of wearing the opposite gender's clothing from underwear to skirts or even socks. While cross-dressing appears in some hentai, there are also examples of characters in anime who regularly dress in the other gender's clothing.


Cross-dressing in Hentai

Cross-dressing is popular in shotacon, and appears in many doujins, images, and other forms, but is also sometimes used in lolikon.

Cross-dressing in Shotakon

Due to the cuteness factor in shota, small, hairless boys are often cross-dressed.

Some scenarios include:

  • Boys (Traps) wishing to look or "pass" as females, sometimes to lure other boys.
  • Other females/males forcing or encouraging the boy to do it for personal reasons.
  • A boy wishing to be closer to a girl he admires, thus wearing her clothes, possibly to masturbate.

Cross-dressing done by both straight and gay males. Sometimes, however, an artist chooses to portray a character as very masculine, but still puts them in feminine or female clothing.

Cross-dressing in Lolikon

Though a girl wearing a male's clothing is much less common, it still occurs in some hentai. Sometimes as a girl wishing to pass as a boy, or just because that's all that fits in a scene where she possibly lost her clothes. It's not uncommon for a girl to be portrayed waking up and throwing on her boyfriends shirt as a nightgown.

Examples of Cross-dressing Characters

  • Bridget, of the Guilty Gear series
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