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Flonne | フロン | Furon is a fictional character well known to the fans of the ever popular Playstation 2 game Disgaea: Hour of Darkness as well as others such as Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and Phantom Brave to name a few.


Background and Role

Flonne is an Angel Trainee/Fallen Angel who loves absolutely everything with the exception of anyone that opposes love and those that call her flat chested. She wears a red corset with a yellow cross near the bottom that is surrounded by dark navy blue. She also wears white pumpkin pants and a robe-like top. Both are trimmed with blue ribbons the same color as the one she has upon her head.


  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5' 2" (158cm)
  • Weight: 101 lbs.(46kg)
  • Age: 1509 years old
  • Measurementa: B30", W21", H31", (B77cm, W53cm, Hi78cm).
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Flonne, Fallen Angel

Flonne began as an Angel Trainee from Celestia (Possibly considered the game's version of our Heaven). She was sent to the Netherworld to supposedly assassinate the overlord who had already passed away. Upon finding out her target was already dead, she decided to stay in the netherworld to attempt teaching the netherworld overlord's son Laharl about love. However, while she was in the netherworld a series of events led to her accidental injuring of a fellow angel upon her return to Celestia and so as punishment her most respected Seraph Lamington who she calls Master Lamington gave her punishment which caused her to become a Fallen Angel. The main differences in her appearance as a Fallen Angel is that her blue hair ribbon becomes red bows that look somewhat similar to the ears of a rabbit, her snow white angel wings become red succubus like wings, her pumpkin pants and corset become a red one-piece bathing suit that includes a hole her new red tail now goes through decorated at the end with a cute white ribbon and she grows a vampire tooth that is easy to notice when she smiles. Though she became a fallen angel she still loves everything to do with love so some things never change.

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Popularity Beyond The Games

Flonne has become extremely popular even after her appearance in Disgaea and has since spawned much publicity including but not limited to doujinshi, lolikon, cameos in other games, toys, clothes and other related merchandise, and cosplayers dressing as her and a huge army of fans that love everything to do with her as both Angel Trainee and Fallen Angel. Her ever growing popularity has continued on to this day.

LAH Related

At one time Flonne was the mascot for LAH before it changed from .com to .net. It seemed to fit well since she of course is an angel and LAH means Little Angels Hentai.

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