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Professor Gojyou Shiouji is a character in the anime and manga series Excel Saga and was created by Koshi Rikdo.

Professor Shiouji (sitting), along with Il Pallazzo, Secretary Momochi and Director Kabapu.



Professor Shiouji is something of a 'pretty boy', almost a bishounen. He has short purplish hair and eyes and wears glasses. In all his appearances he wears a suit and tie under a white laboratory coat. His behavior and demeanour is somewhat eccentric, tending towards displays of high class and nobility.


Described by many — including himself — as a genius, Shiouji holds doctorates in a wide range of subjects, including engineering and computing, although he admits he has no training in medicine. He prefers the finer things in life and tries to do everything with a touch of elegance and class, and can be something of a showman at times. He has distinct mother issues, which have tainted his attraction to women — he despises any woman with a cleavage like his mother's — although he has made semi-romantic overtones towards Misaki Matsuya at least twice.

Lolicon Nature

Shiouji has never tried to hide his love of loli and will stop everything he's doing, including a conversation, to look at a girl that catches his eye. He is quite obvious in his approach, especially in the anime, in which he has been known to follow a girl on his hands and knees just to keep looking at her. He sometimes appears in the anime with a young girl acting as his assistant and on one occasion as his driver. He is very friendly and personable with his girls.

Associated Lolis

  • Ropponmatsu II, An android created by Shiouji.
  • Hiyoko Iwata, A minor character in the manga. Shiouji marks her down as an A+.
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