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Title Example
Characters Example, Example
Content Example, Example
Series Example
Language Example
Publisher Example
Systems Example
Year of Release Example
Related Works Example
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This is a proposal for a layout for hentai games. It is meant to give a basic prefered structure for organizing an article; however, as individual games may not fit into this form, part or all of it may be disregarded and sections may be added as appropriate.

The article should start with a brief paragraph presenting an overview of the game and article.



General information about the story.


Possibilities: a bulleted list, or the {{QuickProfile}} template.


If any, or if the Story intro para doesn't sufficiently cover it. May require the {{Spoiler}} and {{EndSpoiler}} tags.


Gameplay information, how it's played, activities or whatever possible.


Not a full walkthrough, but general hints. A link to a walkthrough posted on LAH, perhaps.

External Links

  • Official Website
  • Perhaps a link to where it can be downloaded on LAH
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