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Shion Hibiki (Japanese: 响 词 音, Shion Hibiki) is a fictional character from the anime and manga Zatch Bell (Konjiki No Gash Bell).

Shion Hibiki and Nyarurato


Shion Hibiki is a girl cheerful, energetic, and outgoing, which wins the hearts of many of Kiyo's male classmates. However, Shion and Kiyo become friends. Shion has a partner mamodo cat named Nya, whom she loves very much and is afraid of losing it in the tournament mamodo. She wants to be with Nya for ever, and teamed up with one called mamodo Grisor demon who seeks the mirror that was broken. Believing that all parties to join the demonic mirror she can live with forever Nya, she decides to search all over the mirror. When he finds out what he plans to do, it's too late, and his book ends up being burned by Grisor. After the battle, Shion is transferred to another school, and has not appeared since.

Nya and Shion Hibiki

Japanese names: ニャルラト (Nyarurato) and 响 词 音 (Shion Hibiki)

Spellbook color: Light Pink

Spell: Fury


Peruke: Nya increases in size, becoming larger. The mamodo is able to cast thorns in the opponent.

Kyadopan: sharp blow that strikes through its claw.


Baikal: Nya is able to inflate in a large size.


Paperuto: Nya shoots a beam at his opponent, making him do everything she does.

Appearances in anime: 31-34, 42 (only Shion: 35)

Book burned: Episode 34, for Grisor

Japanese voice actors: Nya - Yukiji , Shion - Machiko Toyoshima

English voice actors: Shion – Stephanie Sheh



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