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Title tWo With
Artist RoriE-Do
# of pages 66
Characters Sasami Kawai, Ryo-Ohki
Content Loli, Bukkake
Series Magical Project S
Language Japanese
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tWo With is a story apparently set after the ending of Magical Project S, after Ryo-Ohki has rejoined Sasami on Earth. The two of them seem to be on holiday together, and the two have clearly developed their feelings for each other, Sasami especially remembering the way he fought for her in that final battle. Seeing her spacing out, Ryo-Ohki launches a tickle attack on her, but this is cut short as his hands move to her chest. The two of them them both remember the times when Sasami would take him into the bath with her, thinking him just an animal. Sasami grows more aroused as Ryo-Ohki allows her to explore his own body. After this story is a series of images and short strips with other characters, who may or may not be original creations.

Lolicon Characters include:

Shotacon Characters include:

Sample pages from tWo With
TENCHI MUYO two with (14).JPG
Page 16
TENCHI MUYO two with (25).JPG
Page 27
TENCHI MUYO two with (47).JPG
Page 49
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