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Page Cover
Title Boyoyoooooon
Artist Multiple
# of pages 62
Characters Tenchi Masaki, Aeka Masaki Jurai, Ryoko Hakubi, Sasami Masaki Jurai, Kei, Felicia
Content Bukkake, BDSM, Inhuman, Rape, Softcore, Tentacles
Series Tenchi Muyo, Darkstalkers, Dirty Pair
Language Japanese
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Boyoyoooooon is a multi-series doujin drawn by various artists.

  • A Dirty Pair story in which Kei has sex with creatures of some sort. The story features Bukkake, Tentacles and a monstrous penis.
  • A Tenchi Muyo story where Aeka is writing a masturbation scene about Ryoko. The two begin to fight until Tenchi ties them both up and has sex with Aeka. In the next instance he is whipped by Sasami Masaki Jurai.
  • A hentai parody story apparently featuring characters from a Gundam series, in which one of the characters is drawn as a fat anthropomorphic dinosaur.
  • A Darkstalkers story showing the character of Felicia having sex with a number of the other characters sequentally, including tentacle sex. It is unclear if she is being raped or not.

The doujin also contains a number of ecchi and non-ecchi drawings between storys.

Loli Characters are

Sample pages from Boyoyoooooon
TENCHI MUYO boyoyoooooon (17).JPG
Page 15
TENCHI MUYO boyoyoooooon (26).JPG
Page 24
TENCHI MUYO boyoyoooooon (53).JPG
Page 51
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