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Akira Shirase is the title character of the anime series Battle Programmer Shirase, aka BPS.

Shirase looking attentive



A tall, lanky man by Japanese standards, Shirase has long, scruffy hair tied back in a ponytail. His eyes are usually dull and half-closed, although they can become incredibly focused when they need to be. He has a very loose and casual approach to life, speaking with a slow drawl and never moving more than he needs to.


Very reserved around most people, Shirase rarely lets others know what he's thinking, although he becomes a little more open and animated around friends and family. He is deeply afraid of his elder sister and occasionally regresses into childlike behaviour because of her. Yet underneath all that is a highly intelligent mind, capable of thinking at many times the human norm when it has to. Shirase is also something of an otaku, and during the series does jobs in exchange for rare items rather than money, and also has a number of posters and manga scattered around his room.

Lolicon Nature

Shirase has a very close relationship with his great-niece Misao (who refers to him as big brother because of his youth), and it is made very obvious to the audience that his attraction to her is much greater than he lets on. Misao herself is unaware of how he really feels about her. He rarely displays signs of attraction, with only two notable examples — trying to look up Misao's skirt while she's cooking and getting a major nose-bleed when Yon-chan gives Misao-chan a goodbye kiss.

Associated Lolis

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