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The following characters appear in various Tenchi Muyo!, Pretty Samy or Battle Programmer Shirase shows, but there is not enough information for each to warrant their own article.



(Series:Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)

The history of the being(s?) known as Kagato is long and complex. There are a number of entities who have carried the name, and it is unclear if they are the same. This version is a young girl with long grey hair (appearing white while glowing) and steel-grey eyes. She first appeared on an unnamed planet, but was cast into the timestream and her spirit merged with a woman in the future called Noike. Kagato can experience and remember through Noike, but she has no physical body of her own as yet.


(Series:Tenchi Universe/Tenchi TV)

The spirit of a young girl discovered when the Yagami traveled through a spaceship graveyard, Mirei was drawn to, and became friends with Sasami. Mirei had a number of powers, able to travel through objects and create illusions. Although she seemed to be a vaporous blob to the others, she appeared to Sasami as a girl with shoulder-length brown hair and slightly grey skin and eyes.


(Series:Tenchi in Tokyo/Shin Tenchi Muyo)

Yugi is a mutant child from the planet Jurai, born with tremendous psycho-kinetic powers, able to warp reality around her. Yugi was an innocent child, and did not realised the consequences of her actions. She was sealed away for 3'500 years and her 'tomb' was accidentally opened on Earth. Seriously affected by her time alone, she sought to conquer Earth so that she'd never be alone again. Yugi has pale skin, long blond hair - drawn up and spikey or hanging loose - and purple eyes.


(Movie:Tenchi Muyo! Daughter of Darkness/Mantsu no Eve/Midsummer Night's Eve)

Yuzuha is a demon who lives in an alternate dimension. She was originaly attracted to Prince Yosho, but she was driven off by Jurai Security before she could take him away. Many years later, seeing how happy Yosho was with his family, Yuzuha sought to attack him through his grandson, Tenchi. Yuzuha can appear as a young girl with two large spikes of red hair, but her true form is green-skinned and silver haired.

Neju ne Melmas

Neju cosplaying as a Miko. With her is Fuku, Ryo-Ohki's little sister.

(Series:Tenchi Muyo! GXP)

Neju appears in the series Tenchi Muyo! GXP. A 2'000 year old Neotenous adult, her growth was artificially suspended as leader of her planets religion. Now that she has stepped down from this role, she will grow up at a normal rate. Neju has powerful psychic abilities and a somewhat calculating mind under a childlike disposition.. Her role with Seina is perceived by him to be a brother/sister affair, but she is in love with him and eventually becomes one of his brides.

Neju appears in Ani Paro Anthology Oneesan Matsuri , Kamidake Onsen, Kamidake Onsen 3, Tenchi Musume Musume and an unnamed Pal Comix doujin.

Yoshiko Yamada

(Series:Tenchi Muyo! GXP)

The younger sister of Seina Yamada in Tenchi Muyo! GXP, she takes the news of her brothers acceptance into an alien police force with no great worry, and indeed encourages him to go - so that she and the rest of the family can reap the benefits. She later becomes engaged to Seina's best friend.

Yoshiko appears in Tenchi Musume Musume


Front row, L to R:Kenji, Hiroto, Eime, Haida, Misao, Pretty Samy, Rumia(bird form), Pixie Misa, Washu, Rumia(human)

(Series:Mahou Shoujo Pretty Samy/Magical Girl Pretty Sammy; Magical Project S)

A magical boy from the kingdom of Juraihelm, Rumia is shy, timid and dominated by the personality of his older sister Ramia. It is his magic that causes Misao to transform into Pixie Misa. He falls deeply in love with Misao, but is too shy to admit his feelings and their first kiss only takes place due to Ramia's impatience over the matter. On Earth he takes the form of a green and white bird, and the feather motif is repeated in his clothes.

Rumia appears in Dear Miss Lonely, Dynamite Samy 1, Kakumei Seifu, Persona, Purichiyu and Wiz You

Hiroto Majima

(Series:Magical Project S)

Hiroto is a classmate of Sasami and Misao and towards the end of the series starts to develop feelings towards Misao. For most of the series however he is fending off the advances of Haida Konoha, and focusing on becoming a better football player.

Hirito appears in Deja Vu; Mi no Maki and Misa Only 5

Kenji Oyamada

(Series:Magical Project S)

Best friend to Hiroto, Kenji enjoys photography and solving puzzles. He is one of the first people to work out Sasami's 'secret' identity as Pretty Samy, and is a staunch supporter of her.

Haida Konoha

(Series:Magical Project S)

A very loud girl who enjoys being the center of attention, she has a one-way love with her classmate Hiroto. At one point in the series, she obtained Pretty Samy's magical Baton and was temporarily transform into the magical girl Funky Connie, which has to be the best magical girl name ever.

Eime Date

(Series:Magical Project S)

Class president and rule obsessed, Eime was changed against her will into the magical girl Love Me Eime and brainwashed into destroying the school. When she eventually recovered her mind she found out she could not change back into a normal girl. She also has a terrible singing voice.


(Series:Magical Project S)

Hakari is an old friend of Ryo-Ohki from Juraihelm. She was tricked by Ramia into coming to Earth and kidnapping Ryo-Ohki, believing she was 'rescuing' him from abuse. When she realised the truth she left him peacefully. Hakari has long, slightly wild green hair and red/pinkish eyes. For some inexplicable reason she was cold and mildly hostile to Misao

Anri Misugi

(Series:Sasami - Mahou Shoujo Club)

Anri has green hair tied in large bunches and dresses in a gothic-lolita style. She is very popular at school and comes off as a spoiled rich kid, despite coming from a large and poor family. She has a deep crush on fellow magic girl Tsukasa. Her particular magic power is to make the words she writes in her notebook come to life.

Anri appears in Naisho Dayotsu! Mahou no Club Katsudou

Tsukasa Takamine

(Series:Sasami - Mahou Shoujo Club)

A tall, pink haired girl with a quiet expression. She says little but watches a lot and tends to take a slightly unconventional but useful approach to the situation. She lives alone after her mother dies, cared for by an over-protective father. She seems unconcerned with Anri's affections towards her. Her special magic power is to control wind.

Tsukasa appears in Naisho Dayotsu! Mahou no Club Katsudou

Makoto Hozumi

(Series:Sasami - Mahou Shoujo Club)

To the untrained eye Makoto might seem to be the leader of the five girls. She can certainly be the loudest. Makoto has short brown hair with three 'antennae' and is concerned about the size of her chest. Because of this she drinks an excessive amount of milk and early in the series suffered from digestion problems. Makoto has the power to change her size.

Makoto appears in Naisho Dayotsu! Mahou no Club Katsudou

Toshihiko "Monta" Saruta

(Series:Sasami - Mahou Shoujo Club)

A classmate of Sasami and Misao, in his first appearance he is showing off the new shoes he bought with mirrors in the toe so he can look up his teachers skirt. He later becomes involved in a love triangle, as he develops feelings for Sasami while Misao becomes attracted to him.

Kozue Matsubara

(Series:Sasami - Mahou Shoujo Club)

Classmate and friend of Sasami's, Kozue has brown hair and wears glasses.

Major Yunoki going undercover.

Chiaki Miyazawa

(Series:Sasami - Mahou Shoujo Club)

Classmate and friend of Sasami's, Chiaki is tall and is developing noticeable breasts.

Major Yoriko Yunoki

(Series:Battle Programmer Shirase)

A member of the US Intelligence Navy despite her young age, Yun-chan is an expert programmer and knows a lot about BPS. She is very agressive in her desires, telling Shirase that looking at his coding was "arousing" and "made me a little wet". She also recognises that Shirase has feelings for Misao. Yun-chan has short brown hair and brown eyes.

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