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Misao Amano

Misao Amano is a fictional character who originated in the anime series Mahou Shoujo Pretty Samy as the best friend of main character Sasami Kawai. She also transforms into the character of Pixie Misa, but the two are distinct and seperate characters.


Anime Roles

Misao in a compromising position in Battle Programmer Shirase

Misao has also appeared in Magical Project S in much the same role, and in Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club in a similar, but slightly altered role under the name Misao Shinohara. She also appeared in an unrelated show called Battle Programmer Shirase aka "BPS". This show contained a much greater amount of lolikon humor/suggestiveness from Misao; she would often appear in outfits such as a school uniform or school swimsuit. There was also a running joke in which Misao and the main character Shirase would end up in a compromising position just as someone walks in on them.

Physical Characteristics

Misao Shinohara in Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club

Misao has basically the same appearance in each series. She has long black/purple hair and a quiet, shy appearance. In the Pretty Samy worlds she has green/blue eyes and a hair band of the same colour. In BPS she has brown eyes and a yellow hairband, but otherwise appears the same.

Her appearance is markedly different in Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club , in keeping with the shows design. Now she has distinctly blue hair with a white bow.

In Mahou Shoujo Pretty Samy, her statistics are: Height: 123cm Weight: 27kg Bloodtype: AB Birthday: 29th of May

Hentai Appearences

Misaos' character is that of the shy, introverted girl and is almost always the submissive partner in sex. Almost all of her appearances are yuri partnerings with Sasami, although there are some others, especially in BPS doujins. Misao appears in the following doujin:

  • An Exclusive Browser
  • Aniparo Biki 7
  • Chu!
  • Dear Miss Lonely
  • Deja Vu; Mi no Maki
  • Dynamite Samy 1
  • First Number
  • Gemini no Tenbin Soushuuhen [Balance of Gemini]
  • Kakumei Seifu
  • Jurai Joka
  • Magical Candy 2
  • Misa Only 1
  • Misa Only 2
  • Misa Only 3
  • Misa Only 4
  • Misa Only 5
  • Misahota Vol. 2
  • Misao
  • Naisho Dayotsu! Mahou no Club Katsudou
  • Nenga
  • Persona
  • Purichiyu
  • Purichi Sami 1
  • Purichi Sami 2
  • Shikou
  • Studio Aqua Fugo 2
  • Tabeta Kigasuru 13
  • Ura Kanneki Taka Hajime Rayearth
  • Volkischer Beobachter
  • Wiz You
  • Yatumeunagi

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