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Name D
Height 5'1" / 155 cm
Weight 88 pounds / 40 kg
B/W/H 78 (A) - 55 - 75
Hair Color Green
Age 14 (4th body of 6)
Date of Birth March 1
Favorite Food Instant Curry
Shoe Size 22cm
Blood Type O
Series Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures
Related Characters Misao Amano
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D is a character from the anime series Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures. Although not the typical loli-type, she can be considered teen-loli and fulfils the same role amongst the other girls.


When D is first met, she is an artificial life-form known as a Bioroid (her name is due to this being the fourth body created for her). We soon learn that she was once a living girl, but her body was damaged, so she was provided with a construct to transfer her soul into. She seems a rather unemotional girl, communicating in a monosyllabic way if at all. It isn't until Kazuki Yotsuga appears that she actually starts to open up to another person. She becomes a little clingy, trying to be near him whenever possible - often sneaking into his room on a morning. Over time we learn a lot about her - her favorite food is curry, for example. And one time she stood in the rain sheltering an abandoned dog with her umbrella because she didn't know what else to do with it.

But it's not until the end of the series that the truth is revealed. D is the last survivor from an ancient civilisation that was to be destroyed by war. D took the last weapons of power and hid them away, sacrificing her future to end it. Her unemotional state was her minds way of dealing with the pain of what she did. After the worlds merge, D becomes a normal human girl named Dee Sanada, and it is assumed that this is her true nature.

Physical Appearance

D has pale white skin and green hair, shoulder length. At the back her hair is a puffy half-circle and at the front she has a black hairband with a long fringe covering her left eye. Underneath this fringe the eye is a black socket with glowing energy inside - her 'soul' (this only applies until the worlds merge. After her eyes are the same). Her right eye is purple.

Doujin Appearnces

  • Kamidake Onsen
  • Kamidake Onsen 2
  • Kamidake Onsen 5
  • Kyou Mo Taihen
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