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This is an article on lolikon, a hentai genre featuring undeveloped females. For other pages having to do with loli, see Loli (disambiguation).
An example of lolikon art

The word "lolikon" (also "lolicon" or "rorikon") is short for "Lolita Complex," (the 'M' becoming an 'N' in japanese). It can refer to

  • Hentai of undeveloped females. Age is not a factor to be considered loli (some "loli" characters are 2000+ years old)
  • People with a fetish for lolikon

The term shotakon is usually applied to hentai of petite males.

Is she loli?

In judging a character as loli, age is not a determining factor, as fictional characters do not have ages, and as a character's body may or may not accurately reflect their supposed age; rather, a fair measure is bust size. Other attributes of a loli include absence of pubic hair, small body structure, and large eyes. However, as artists' styles differ, one or any number of these may not apply.


Examples of loli characters are

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