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Kokonoe Rin
Kokonoe Rin.jpg

Kokonoe Rin being mischievous

Name Kokonoe Rin
Loli? Yes
Height 4'2"
Weight 55 pounds
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Age 8
Place of Origin Tokyo
Mother Kokonoe Aki
Series Kodomo no Jikan
Voice Actor Kitamura Eri
Created by Kaworu Watashiya
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Kokonoe Rin is the main character in the series Kodomo no Jikan. She is a deeply troubled girl who often flaunts her sexuality to express her crush on her teacher, Aoki Daisuke. This often leads to her providing the fan-service for the series.



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Rin's father left her mother, Kokonoe Aki, before she was born, and Aki raised her on her own. When Rin was 5 years old, her cousin, Kokonoe Reiji, came to live with them after suffering a tragedy of his own. They lived together for a short while before Aki fell ill, and later died of cancer. The trauma left Rin mute; she doesn't speak until she meets Kuro Kagami and Usa Mimi. One day when Kagami decided to dress her up like a doll, she tries to take off Rin's shirt, provoking an angry response from her. Since then she has been able to talk normally.


Rin is a extremely promiscuous young girl, with a tendency to display sexual behavior that is inappropriate for a girl her age. She also has a violent dark side; for example, she almost kills another teacher, Hōin Kyōko, and forces Aoki-sensei's predecessor to retire. She is extremely protective of her friends, and does not hesitate to blackmail others to get what she wants. Later in the series her darker and cruel side begins to soften thanks to Aoki-sensei and the advice of Hōin, a rival love interest for Aoki.

Aoki Daisuke

Rin has a deep crush on her homeroom teacher, Aoki-sensei. At first it seems mostly harmless, limited to such actions as Rin flashing her panties or saying explicit things to him, but later it is revealed that Kokonoe truly believes that she is in love with Aoki. She often cries and becomes incredibly jealous of others around him. Among other things that might cost him his job, she goes as far as to threaten to tell others that they are having an inappropriate relationship.

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