Kenta Oyajima

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Kenta Oyajima
Kenta Oyajima.jpg
Name Kenta Oyajima
Loli? No
Hair Color Brown
Series Kodomo no Jikan
Voice Actor Ishigami, Yūichi
Created by Kaworu Watashiya
Related Characters
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Kenta Oyajima is a minor character in Kodomo no Jikan. He is one of the teachers at Futatsubashi Elementary School. While not knowing which specific class he teaches, as it is never divulged throughout the series, he is known to be a first grade teacher. He is the only teacher, of those introduced during the series, that turns out to have a child. More specifically, a daughter. He has an easygoing outlook on life, but has quite a lot of experience it seems in the educational field, so therefore he is generally the one who brings up advice and words of wisdom when it is needed throughout the anime.

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