Kagami Kuro

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Kagami Kuro
Kuro Kagami.jpg
Name Kuro Kagami
Loli? Yes
Height 4'0"
Weight 52lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age 8
Place of Origin Tokyo
Series Kodomo no Jikan
Voice Actor Shindou, Kei
Created by Kaworu Watashiya
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Kagami Kuro is a supporting character in Kodomo no Jikan. Known for her Gothic Lolita dressing style and her foul mouth, she is a fan favorite for Tsundere-lovers.


Little is revealed about Kuro's life, except that her family is wealthy, which is suggested by the fact that Kuro gets such a generous allowance that she is able to buy many different outfits. Initially a stuck up, arrogant girl who made fun of Kokonoe Rin, eventually she befriends her because she reminds Kuro of a doll, and is eventually the one that helps Rin speak again. Thereafter the two are best friends, along with Usa Mimi.


Kuro's behavior is precocious like that of Rin, though not nearly to the same extent. She is likely the most foul mouthed out of the three, constantly calling Aoki-Sensei a pervert, or "Lolicon". She has a violent personality, frequently kicking her teacher in the crotch, though again not nearly to the murderous extreme as that of Rin. Because of Rin's crush on Aoki-sensei, she outwardly hates him; however, when Rin is in trouble, Kuro will put her hatred aside to help her.

Kokonoe Rin

Kuro has a long standing crush on her friend Rin, to the point that her jealousy of Aoki-sensei sometimes causes her to cry, and she often wishes that Rin was a boy. She is incredibly mean and violent toward her teacher, but towards the end of the series begins to slightly warm up to him; even in one incident Aoki finally realizes why she is the way she is, and rubs her on top of the head which Kuro proclaims actually felt kinda good.

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