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Title Purichiyu
Artist DAI Amanogami/D.D.D.D.
# of pages unknown
Characters Sasami Kawai, Misao Amano, Pixie Misa, Rumia
Content Straight sex, Tentacle
Series Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sami
Language Japanese
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Purichiyu is a Pretty Samy doujin that seems to take place during the second episode, Revenge of the Imperial Electronic Brain. In both the episode and the doujin, Pretty Samy enters a lift to stop Pixie Misa and Biff Standard. However, in the doujin, Misa activates a program that causes a number of Tentacles to appear in the lift and rape Samy. At the same time, Rumia appears and begs her to stop. As he holds her, she looks up at him shyly and teases him by saying "Please...be gentle with me". He takes her seriously and the two make love, and Misa seems to change back to Misao during sex.

Loli characters are Sasami Kawai, Misao Amano and Pixie Misa.

Shota characters are Rumia

Sample pages from Purichiyu
Page 11
Page 22
Page 26
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