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Washu Hakubi is a fictional character originating in the anime series Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki.



Role in the shows

Like Sasami, Ryo-Ohki and Mihoshi, Washu-chan has appeared in every series since her first apperance, and her basic nature doesn't change. Washu-chan is brilliant, the self-styled 'Greatest Genius in the Universe', a title she quite justly deserves. She is far more intellegent than everyone around her, and is usually 3 steps ahead of whatever's going on. She is basically a good person, but is not above manipulating and exploiting people to get what she wants - for example, during a physical examination of Tenchi, she claims that the last sample she needs from him is a sperm sample and even dresses as a nurse to help stimulate him. She also offers to give him the 'full treatment' of her hands, mouth and breasts.

And she insists on being referred to as Washu-chan.

Enjoying a laugh

Physical Nature

Although Washu-chan appears to be a 12 year old girl, in TM!R she has altered her body to appear this way (and is infact a grown woman of 20'000 years) and in all other shows she is a neotenous adult. She has green eyes in most appearances, although in Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club her eyes are red - unusually for a lolikon character she has small, narrow eyes, indicating her adult nature. One thing that never changes is her huge mass of spiky red hair, including eight spikes, four to either side of her head, meant to be representative of crabs legs - Washu-chan has a repeating motif of crabs throughout the shows.

In Magical Project S, Washu's statistics are: Height: 148cm Weight: 40kg Measurements: 68-52-67 Bloodtype: B Birthday: 21st of June

Doujin Appearences

The following doujins will be marked with (w), (W) or (wW) to indicate if Washu-chan appears as a loli, adult or both.

Goddess-Washu, watching over the Earth
  • Ai? Tsumi wa doko? (wW)
  • Ani Paro Anthology Oneesan Matsuri (W)
  • Daisanju (wW)
  • Enema no Tenchi 1 (w)
  • Enema no Tenchi 2 (wW)
  • Enema no Tenchi 3 (W)
  • First Second (wW)
  • Genko (w)
  • Go (w)
  • Gureimurin Club (W)
  • Ima-Ga-Shun 2 Version 2 (w)
  • Itaku Shinai Kara (w)
  • Jurai Joka (w)
  • Kamidake Onsen (W)
  • Kamidake Onsen 3 (w)
  • Kamidake Onsen 3 (w)
  • Kamidake Onsen 4 (W)
  • Ketsu Megaton Ten (wW)
  • Kocher Black (wW)
  • Kunhakentaka Souka Kawaisou Ni (w)
  • Milky Syndrome EX 2 (W)
  • Model Special (W)
  • Mommy's Little Girls (W)
  • Muyo Yarou Vol.4 (w)
  • No Need For Angels (w)
  • Otoshiyagatte (w)
  • Outside 3 (w)
  • P Megaton (wW)
  • Plus Y Vol.11 - Konpeki no Tsukiyo (w)
  • SCC (W)
  • Shadow=Defence (W)
  • Studio Aqua Fugo 2 (w)
  • Tankou no Houshu (wW)
  • Tenchi Damashii (w)
  • Tenchi Kyuuyou - Mentaiko (W)
  • Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Kaiteiban(w)
  • Tendi Niku Harashi (wW)
  • Tohfuyatu (w)
  • Toluene Ittokan (wW)
  • Unnamed Pal Comix doujin (W)

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