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Kouhei's Avatar
LAH Status: Member
Joined LAH: 21 Dec 2006
Extra Files member: YES
LAH Title: LAH Artist


General Info

Kouhei is a Canadian artist and cleaner for LAH projects.
He is known for thoughtful replies and being helpful to everyone.

He almost always ends his messages with

  ja ne
  l8r Kay?

Kouhei is also available to assist LAH members with their technical difficulties. With tier 3 network analyst, engineering and programming backgrounds Kouhei is able to help you with just about anything.


Kouhei works on many LAH projects.
His artist threads are located here here and here.

Other projects involve cleaning manga for translation and programming help, mostly with Sat's projects.


Kouhei is most regularly found on LAH's Skype public chat.
Any messages left there will be promptly responded to.

You can also PM him on LAH.


Kouhei about Lolikon:

  "What is lolicon? I am sure most people have seen anime at this point.
  Lolicon is simply petite under developed female characters in sexual
  situations that are either taken directly from manga and anime, or
  drawn/animated in that artform's style. Lolicon specifically refers to
  the paraphilia associated with it, but can also be used as a
  descriptive term to define people who have an express interest in it.
  Lolicon is not derived from any real life source and is not intended to
  portray real people. In addition, Lolicon is NOT for encouraging
  illegal activities against others. This point is important, and is the
  primary reason for limiting LAH's members to adult membership ONLY,
  thus the RTA (Restricted To Adults) statement when you come to LAH"


Kouhei is generally a friendly person, and cares dearly about his friends. Most of the time Kouhei can be seen spending time with his friends Feather, Mars, Sat, Foton, Azrael, Bastille and Anyien.

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