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This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for LAH Wiki.


Where can I learn the basics of editing a wiki?

Maintaining help sections is not a priority on LAH Wiki, as they are readily available from other sources. Comprehensive general help on wikis can be found at Wikipedia's Help.

What sort of content belongs on LAH Wiki?

LAH Wiki is primarily intended for lolicon content, such as character profiles, doujin, ect. General hentai content, such as the article on censorship, is acceptable as well, particularly as it pertains to lolicon.

What sort of content does not belong on LAH Wiki?

Little Angels Hentai, in both forum and Wiki form, is a lolicon, hentai and anime site. As such, anything not related to these, even if they be pornographic, don't belong here. Likewise, images not allowed in the forum are not allowed on the Wiki. Additionally, general articles on anime series, even those with loli characters, are outside of LAH Wiki's scope, as these are readily available from such sources as Wikipedia. Lastly, just as in the forum, pedofilia related subjects have no place on LAH Wiki, and will be immediately removed and a warning or, if necessary, a ban, will be issued.

What are the general rules of LAH Wiki?

All of the forum rules apply, with a few minor exceptions. The HXXP rule, for example, doesn't apply on LAH Wiki.

I am in conflict with another editor on how an article should be presented. How can I resolve this?

Providing that a genuine effort to resolve the issue has been made between the conflicting users, the dispute resolution page has been set up for these conflicts.

Where can I make suggestions?

At the Suggestion Box. There you can make suggestions on needed articles, templates and policy.

Where can I ask questions about LAH Wiki?

The Questions page has been set up for users to ask questions about the wiki, while article specific questions should be asked on that article's talk page.

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