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Title Jurai Joka
Artist T.Kurumi, Yuka Rei, multiple others
# of pages 84
Characters Sasami Masaki Jurai/Sasami Kawai, Tenchi Masaki, Washu Hakubi, Tsunami-kami-sama, Ryoko, Aeka Masaki Jurai, Mihoshi Kuramitsu, Ryo-Ohki, Kiyone Makibi, Funaho Misaki Jurai, Misaki Masaki Jurai, Pixie Misa, Misao Amano
Content Loli, Straight Sex, Bukkake, BDSM, Beastiality, Amputism, Toys, Yuri, Incest, Cosplay, Twins, Watersports, Fur, Rape
Series Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sami
Language Japanese
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Jurai Joka is a multi-story Manga drawn by multiple artists. It contains 6 stories and a large number of single-panel images, as well as a number of non-hentai images.

  • The first has Kiyone tied up by Washu and Ryoko. Her arms and legs are removed - bloodlessly, more like a dolls limbs - and she is then raped using strap-on dildos.
  • The second is an incest yuri story by an artist called T.Kurumi. It appears to be a play on skinship between Sasami and Misaki, and the ending suggests it was a dream.
  • Third is a Pretty Sami story, in which Pixie Misa creates a copy of Sami which forces itself, first on Sami, then on Misa herself. Interesting points are 1) Misa's use of english is retained, although her "Calling Mystics" spell is here written as "Calling Mistakes", and 2) the Duplicate Sami is dressed in the costume from Tenchi Universe: Time and Space Adventures.
  • Fourth is between Sasami and Ryo-Ohki, both in her Loli form, and several animal-form crystals. After reading a doujin, Sasami gets Ryo-Ohki to try a yuri scene together.
  • Fifth is a BDSM scene with Washu and Ryoko. Ryoko has apparently been locked in Washu-chan's laboratory for some time. Her body is swollen due to an extremely long toy inserted in her anus.
  • Finally a story by Yuka Rei, which starts with an image of the cast dressed as X-Men characters. The story seems to be a yuri encounter between several of the female cast.

Lolicon Characters include:

Sample pages from Jurai Joka
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Page 3
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Page 33
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Page 63
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Page 85
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